The Perfect Cappuccino is still available on DVD!

Loaded with special features and packaged in this handsome case! The most entertaining piece of plastic you’ll ever buy!

  • Two-time U.S. barista champ Heather Perry demonstrates the "chrome finish" on a perfect cappuccino
  • Two Roasting Philosophies go head to head - dark-roasting Giuseppe from Rome’s Sant'Eustachio vs. light-roasting Brian Franklin from DoubleShot in Tulsa. Two very different approaches to roasting good coffee.
  • "I’m good cuz I’m fast" - a Starbucks barista tells all!
  • A century of espresso, featuring the espresso machine collection of Enrico Maltoni
  • Blended Beverage Bingo: confessions of a Starbucks marketing exec
  • 2008 U.S. barista champ Kyle Glanville shows off his skills and chats about the third wave